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How To Resolve Day-To-Day Garage Door Spring Issues - Garage Door Repair Blogs

Posted on 2016-03-22 by Author admin

Since a garage door is a heaviest and largest object in most homes, it sometimes lasts for a couple of years without any proper maintenance. A professional help is usually searched for when the garage door has broken down and has completely stopped working. A garage door service provider typically inspects your door and repairs stripped gears, squeaky hinges, and adjust all the springs and cables.One of the common problems with garage door is a broken spring. Depending in where one resides, most garage door springs have a life span of 6 to 10 years before they can be replaced. Living in areas where extreme cold weathers are usually experienced causes the springs to wear and tear fast.

Since most garage doors contain moving mechanical parts they require a regular check up and during this process a specialist is able to identify several kind of problems. You will also prevent costly repairs in the future. But this can be avoided when you keep your door well lubricated and inspecting it frequently. Simple tasks like applying small amounts of silicone sprays on the tracks and lubrication of the rubber door seals can prevent the door from sticking to the ground.

Here are the top 7 tips that every home owners should follow in order to keep their garage door last longer while avoiding costly maintenance:.

TEST SEVERAL AUTO FEATURE: There are two main mechanisms of a garage door this are; Photocell and mechanical. Place a piece of brick on the ground and let the door down so that it can touch it, when this happens the doors reverses and go back up. This is when your testing on the mechanical feature.To test on the photocell mechanism, close the door and place your feet in the door’s way, this will make it reverse..

RENOVATE YOUR GARAGE DOOR: Clean it often with any mild cleaning agents, Keeping it clean and fresh always. Change any damaged woods and repaint the rust spots..

ROLLERS SHOULD BE OCCASIONALLY REPLACED: They should be inspected once or twice a year and be replaced after 6 years.Worn or cracked rollers should be replaced immediately this is done by removing and reinstalling the roller brackets that are not attached properly to the cable system..

DO A BALANCING TEST ON THE DOOR: The garage door opener usually works harder if the door is not correctly balanced. To know if it’s correctly balanced, you can release the handle so as to disconnect the opener the push the door halfway to the top. If it doesn’t stay up then the springs are not correctly balanced. seek a professional service provider to adjust it..

TIGHTEN THE NECESSARY HARDWARE: The garage door usually experiences a lot of movements which can loosen the hardware. Examine and tighten all the nuts and bolts. Grease all the door parts to them last longer. Apply grease to the openers chains and screws and spray the correct lubricants on your door..

TAKE TIME TO EXAMINE THE DOOR: The most preventive measure you can take is by observing how your door moves, what kinds of sounds it produces, and if the springs, pulleys and cables are aligned properly.This can be done when you are either opening or closing it

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