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Garage door openers are probably the simplest device, and they can last a long time. Even if the garage door openers are still working fine, some safety features might be missing and that would be a good reason to replace the garage door opener. This will ensure safety, security and convenience in the long run. Since 1993, garage door openers are required to be equipped with a safety reversing device. This device utilizes two sensors that are normally six inches above the floor level and are placed on each side of the door. Should the sensor detect that a child or a pet runs through the opening, while the door is closing, the light beam from the sensors will ensure that the door immediately stops or reverses. If your garage door opener does not have this feature, it is advisable and highly recommended that your device is replaced for safety reasons.


Another reason why a client should consider replacing the garage door opener is because of the noise. You will find that there are three different garage door openers which include chain-drive, belt-drive and screw-drive openers.

1. Chain-drive openers are the most popular and have a proven track record. Although noisy, they are sturdy and durable.

2. Belt-drive and chain-drive openers work on the same concept, except that the belt-drive operates with a rubber belt. The belt-drive openers are also less noisy than the chain-drive and the screw-drive.

3. Screw-drive openers require little maintenance and have few parts. A proper inspection immediately helps to identify the problem. A newgarage door opener will definitely be quieter.


Older versions of garage door openers are considered as a thief's best friend. Most of the older versions operate with a fixed code, and can be easily tracked from the outside. New keyless garage door openers have a feature that allows the code to be changed every time the garage door is opened. With a new keyless garage door opener comes a keypad that can easily be mounted outside the garage door. With this feature you don't require keys and the door can be easily opened manually by entering the code. You can also find a keypad that uses fingerprint detection. What if there is a power outage? With the latest electric garage door openers, there are battery backup systems in place ensuring that no electrical power is lost leaving you stuck.

Electrical Garage Door Openers

With all the new features that garage door openers offer, it is advisable to consult trained and experienced technicians who can assist with the installation. Because there are electrical garage door opener components, it could be also be dangerous and lead to serious accidents, if done incorrectly. Choosing the right garage door opener could be a difficult task with all the models available. Our garage door opener repair service team have the expertise and knowledge that can assist you in your choice. With highly trained specialists and good quality services available, the clients can have full peace of mind. Being locally owned and a specialized team with plenty of combined experience to offer, Kansas Garage Door Specialists is here to help with all of your garage door opener repair services. Our services include garage door maintenance, garage door inspection, garage door installation and garage door repair in Kansas City.

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